Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I sometimes feel like I fell asleep and was beamed up and transported by a UFO into a future that is alien to me.   It is not the technology that I choose not to be familiar with, or the new music or colloquial use of the language; it is my basic values that make me uncomfortable in today’s society.

I have a wrist watch that cost seven dollars that has more functions than I care to use and will last three years on battery life.   It will be cheaper to replace the watch then replace the battery.   Kids with a perfectly good cell phone will camp out overnight at a store to get the latest iPhone.  Wayfair has just what you need and Amazon will deliver it by drone. 

My favorite sweater, hand spun wool and hand knitted, is forty years old.  My shotgun is fifty years old.  This Solstice my wife bought me a new pair of Bean boots to replace the seventeen-year-old boots I wear every winter; she also bought me a black and white plaid Woolrich wool shirt to replace the black and white Woolrich shirt that was 35 years old and thread bare at the elbows.  My compass, knives, books, camping gear… are all forty years old or older.   There is a piece of birchbark reading Did I Run and Am I Tired that is one hundred and five years old, that hangs above my (whatever you want to call it) room.   I am comfortable with things that are aged and uncomfortable with throw away things.

There is nothing wrong with today’s societal norms; they fit the needs and wants of the people of this age – It is me that is out of step and past my sell by date.     

the Ol'Buzzard

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Is it just me or is blogger responding slow as hell?

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Susan blog Phantsythat contains some of the most wonderful water color fantasy painting I have ever seen.  She usually accompanies her paintings with a short story, though the paintings often tell a story in themselves.   If I were talented enough to write a children’s book there is no doubt who I would wish to illustrate it.  

Please check out her blog: Phantsythat

A couple of days ago Susan posted about homo sapiens ability to adjust to change.  If Darwinian Evolution posed anything: it’s not the strongest or the largest that survives, but those most adaptable to change. 

Homo sapiens have proven their ability to adapt to change; but in doing so they have brought the rest of the animal world to the edge of extinction and the earth itself on the brink of catastrophic climate change.   It now holds the power to annihilate its entire species with a push of a button.  

If we think about it, Donald Trump personifies the human race.  We are egocentric; egotistic; we make up stories and believe in them; we are impressed with our own imagined intelligence; we are gluttonous consumers; we are tribal; and we are dangerous to ourselves and others.

·       I did a timeline of the earth with six grade students that extended one hundred yards, representing the 4.7 billion years of earth:

·       One inch equaled 1,250,000 years.
·       The last six inches represented the seven-million-year existence of hominids on earth.
·       One sixth (1/6) of one inch represented the existence of homo sapiens.

We are but a brief anomaly on the face of this planet – the product of chaotic evolution - and the planet will be better off when we are no longer here.

the Ol’Buzzard

Monday, January 15, 2018


I was raised in the Mississippi delta in a little town called Rolling Fork.   Mississippi at that time was the heart of segregation.  The only thing Rolling Fork is known for, is as the home of Muddy Waters; but Muddy Waters would have had to step into the road and look at the ground if a white woman was approaching on the sidewalk. 

I have no warm memories of living in the Mississippi delta, but I have always had a warm spot for Delta Blues singers.  

Denise LaSalle , of my generation and born in Leflore county, Mississippi , recently died.   At age thirteen she moved to Chicago and eventually got into the music business.  

She will be missed by those of us who have grown up with the blues.

If you have a headset you might want to put it on and kick up the sound.

Denise was a popular performer in the black clubs in the early days and some of her songs were sexually explicated.  Here she tells us to treat your woman like a postage stamp.

A true lady that grew up in the height of racial bigotry and discrimination; but did it her way.

The generation of the of the roots of the Delta blues and R&B is passing by.

the Ol'Buzzard

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Thank goodness that Trump was on the golf course during the false alert of a missile attack in Hawaii.  Had he been promptly notified of the threat, who knows what his response might have been.

We may have just dodged the nuclear bullet!
the Ol'Buzzard


It has been, like, the weather sucks.  It rains all the time.

Donald Trump tweeted: Through my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.

I understand that language should be fluid; and that language often modifies to fit the needs of particular groups.  But why do we need to use a word that serves no purpose?   Like like

What the hell is the usage of like in the above sentences.  Is it a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction; and how would you diagram it in a sentence?   Provided people still diagram sentences.

The word like, like, bugs the fuck out of me.

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Friday, January 12, 2018


Clinton and Monica

Remember when the Republican Party went absolutely ape shit over Bill Clinton getting a blow job in the Oval Office from a consenting adult?

Now we have Roy Moore, considered a serial pedophile, backed by the Republican Party in a Senate run in Alabama.

Also, perfectly fine with four convicted felons running for Congress.

Joe Arpaio

Greg Gianforte

Michael Grimm

Don Blankenship

And let's not forget who is President and totally backed by Republican Congress!

Just for the record, if I were President of the United States I would definitely talk my wife into having sex with me in the Oval Office; then when I had Republican law makers visit I would sit them on the couch and just smile knowingly.

the Ol'Buzzard